ETL – Chapter 22

I looked at Reneben happily and patted him on the back. I walked out of my room with renewed spirit.

When I arrived at the office, I felt despair looking at the piles of documents. I slowly picked up my pen and immersed myself into work.

After working for a while, I turned my head to work out the stiffness. It was then that I saw Jessie, one of the few people with blonde hair.

I told her to come and help with Reneben’s share of the work. 

Reneben knew that I did not change my clothes in the morning even if I came into the office. However, Jessie did not. She had her mouth opened in amazement, seeing me wearing my nightgown in my office. 

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ETL – Chapter 21

I had the power to save people but at the same time I had the power to punish people.

Even if Veron approached me like this, it was not a big threat. A gesture could wipe him out of this world. That is what divine punishment is. Thanks to this power, I was confident.

Who would dare to hurt me?

Who can hurt me? It was power given by God. No one in the world can beat me.

Of course I haven’t tried this power yet, not even on a demon. Even so I was sure that when I really needed this power, it would save me one day. 

Without avoiding his gaze, I stared at him. There was a glare in his eyes. 

Veron squeezed my neck with one hand while opening and clenching his other hand. At the end, he was daunting and I was shaken. 

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ETL – Chapter 20

Tessie and Floren continued to shed never ending tears. To think that this all started from the herbal candy made my heart hurt. 

After seeing the prince’s expression, I decided to stop as a wave of tiredness hit me. As far as I knew, he was not a stupid person. He should have understood enough. 

My body felt heavy and tired but he held onto my shoulder tightly.

I thought about it before but he was quite forceful. It might be suitable for the position of the prince but the way he treated me was not right.

I don’t know if he shows me the same politeness as he shows the nobles. At times, it seems like he does not see me as a saintess. 

The pressure was getting stronger, I frowned at the increasing pain. 

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