Quick announcement

Hi everybody, just wanted to do a quick update. My dog injured himself last week while trying to chase after a bunny. He basically ruptured his disc and had to undergo surgery. He’s doing fine now and prognosis is good.

That being said, the next few weeks I’m not going to be able to update as often. I have to spend time trying to help my dog heal. I have to help him with physical therapy exercises and also express his bladder until he regains strength in his hind legs. If all goes well, hopefully he’ll recover quickly.

I’ll try to post chapter 19 tomorrow.

Thanks everybody!

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  1. krlbnc says:

    i hope your he’ll feel better soon! we appreciate what you’re doing for us so we don’t mind waiting for the translation. this is the least that we can do ♡♡♡♡ take care!

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