ETL – Chapter 19

Why are you here talking to me like something is bothering you instead of playing with the princess?

 “Come to think of it …”


This was the second time I heard the sound of glass breaking today.  I turned my head to the side where the sound came from.

It seemed like the servants broke it while trying to place the glass jar in a safe place.

Among the broken glass, the egg shaped candies were shattered or rolled around the floor. 

“That… Your Highness, Saintess…”

“It’s not our fault… Thhh… The glass jar suddenly just fell out of my hand.”

The prince’s servants knelt on the floor, regardless if there was glass or not. They were trembling if it was their last moment. Blood started leaking through the servants’ clothes. 

The prince said in an unpleasant voice, “You could not properly take care of the present the Saintess gave to me.”

“Your Highness… please… please…”

“Get the whip and punish them.”

This is why nobles are… 

Besides the servants that followed the prince, there were also knights. They stood silently until the prince gave orders.

Several knights moved towards the servants to grab them. I got up from my seat and stood in front of the knights.

“Your Highness, tell the knights to stop.”

“What do you mean? Oh, you don’t want this to happen in the temple. Of course, the punishment will be carried out back at the palace.”

I knew what the prince was talking about, but… watching the prince and princess just sitting there, I realized that they had different beliefs than me.

To me, it was simply broken glass and not a big deal.

Did they believe that this was the norm? To punish a servant for dropping something belonging to the crown prince.

People think it was normal and what do they tell me… that I do not understand what was going on or that it was the prince’s authority to punish his servants.

But from my point of view, this was not normal. Someone is hurt, they should receive help and not punishment.

But this was the norm in this world.

I wanted to let the prince know about my thoughts but would give up if I could not make him understand.

Changing the prince… will these words…

“I told you to stop. Your Highness is making me seem that I am a lower person.”

There is a status system. I am on a high status but I cannot ignore those who would be whipped over broken glass.

Looking at me who blocked the knights, the prince made an expression that showed his dislike. His handsome face was distorted.

The princess started crying at the same time. I looked back at the princess after moving the servants behind me. She covered her face as soon as I looked at her as if she wanted the attention. 

“I hope the two people I like will not be like this. I’m heartbroken because your gift is broken… Don’t they deserve punishment for doing something wrong.”

The prince wrinkled his forehead when he heard the situation made the princess upset. 

“Nella is right, my servants should be punished for their wrongdoing.”

Smart and cruel princess, I could not believe she went in that direction. 

“The wrongdoing that Your Highness is speaking of is different from the wrongdoing that I’m speaking of.”

The princess still has not crossed my line yet. I mean, she was still entertaining. I can react calmly to whatever action the princess does. Of course I will still get angry if she goes past my limit. 

I made a soft yet overbearing face towards the princess. 

If I had the staff used by a former saint, I would have made a bigger impression. Why did I refuse that staff at that time, I now regretted it. 

I looked at the two servants held by the knights and asked, “What is your name?”

Neither the prince and princess could understand the sudden change of subject. I remained silent towards them despite their calling. 

“Tessie… I’m Tessie O’Shapo.”

“And what’s yours?”

“I’m Floren Leda.”

They were holding back their tears but the misery could be seen in their eyes. I could not imagine what they were feeling.

“Who is in Tessie’s family?”

“Father… and there are 3 nieces and nephews who are with us.”

“Can you describe your family?”

“My father is ill, my aunt is unable to use her legs so I also have to support my young nieces and nephews. It’s been a while since my family has fallen.”

Although she was a servant of the prince, she was also a fallen noble.

Then I turned to ask Floren. The prince did not seem to know where I was going with this. 

“And you?”

“My parents and a younger brother… My father is the chief of staff that attends to the crown prince. My brother is getting married next month.”

After listening to the stories of the two, I turned to look back at the crown prince. He was still seated in his chair and made a gesture for me to explain everything quickly.

“I am disappointed about this whole incident. If you want to punish them, do it.”

“What the…”

“Your Highness is truly at ease. You must have received a lot of education as the crown prince. Don’t you know what they say about monarchs who use power and violence to press down their subordinates?”

Before I continued speaking, I placed my hand at the corner of my mouth and then moved my sleeve to cover my mouth. I slyly said, “I understand, but in the end I guess you do not know how to control them with kind words.”


“And you do not know how to stop them from making the same mistakes over and over again.” 

He jumped up from his seat. “It’s not death, it’s just a whip. This is a generous punishment.”

Unfortunately I did not think so.

“It might only be a whip but take a look at them.”

“Why would I?”

I wondered when he was going to say that.

“Because you are the Crown Prince. You are a powerful man and heir to the throne who will rule over many people in the future.”

I was a saintess. It was not a position I wanted but if I could not say a word to the prince it would be unfair.

“What is the basis for Your Highness to stand here? Let’s think about the causes that let you enjoy your position.”

I recited what knowledge I knew with cold eyes. If he was to be the next emperor, he was obligated to understand and embrace the lives and pains of other people.

“It is called Noblesse Oblige, a moral obligation that corresponds with social status. Anybody who does not perform this moral duty… ”

I picked up a teacup the prince did not touch yet. The tea fluttered in the cup. I pour the tea back into the pot next to it.

“Does not deserve to be a monarch.”

He didn’t even deserve to sit across from me and drink tea.

The prince opened his mouth but I stopped him from speaking. I did not want to hear his opinion.

“How about you? What kind of monarch are you?”


“What kind of monarch will you be?”

If this does not change from the current state, then it will be disappointing. I did not want to abandon the expectations I had of the prince, not even a little bit. I wonder if his answer could change to meet my expectations. 

The prince’s face was getting darker and darker. I could tell that his thoughts were getting more complicated. 

“Think more about other people, learn to cherish them. Just like how Your Highness has people that you cherish, others do so too.”

The prince’s face became worse the longer my speech was. At least I knew that he was listening to what I was saying.

“I hope that you will be a monarch who will lead the country by dealing with people’s hearts.”

At least he was only a prince right now.

I straightened my back. The teacup I was drinking from was empty now. 

It had a cool herbal scent. I called it herbal tea but it was known as Deschel tea here in the Empire. It was said that ancient wizards enjoyed it. It’s tasteless but it clears the mind, has detoxification effects, and enhances concentration.

I approached the prince and stood close to him. I was close enough that I could hear his breathing. 

I placed the teacup safely down onto the table behind me. 

Looking at him with sharp yet alluring eyes, I warned, “The temple loves all things, the same goes for me. In fact, would I interfere with your affairs? However, Your Highness-” As I watched his face turn red in embarrassment, I said satisfactorily, “After all, these are your people too.”

I turned and walked away from the prince.

I kept the knights away from the two servants. These two would probably not be able to work with the prince in the future.

However, I reminded myself that a whip was a punishment that could lead to death if not treated properly afterwards.

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