ETL – Chapter 14

I stared at Luanne’s retreating back. I did not know where to go so I went downstairs where the crowd was. It was not hard to find since many people were gathered there.

When I arrived, the crowd parted like the sea under the command of Moses. Priests dressed in white kneeled down. Everything seemed so excessive. 

“May God bless you.”

“May God bless you.”

Among the crowd of nobles, there was a lady with bright hair. As expected, the culprit was a cute faced young noble lady. 

There were two knights with the Imperial insignia following the priests around. It feels burdensome but I guess it cannot be helped. 

“Get up.”

The noble lady looked terrible. She’s not a demon but a human and yet she was treated in this matter. 

My face quickly stiffened and I could not say anything. Even though she tried to harm me, this was a little too much…

Her arms and legs were covered in blood, her hair was covered in dirt, and her face was swollen. I was disgusted by this. I used my sleeve to cover my nose and mouth. 

“Why does she look like this?”

“Because she rebelled…”

I had a feeling something like this would happen. Did they think I wanted it like this? What was going on with the Emperor’s brain when he ordered the knights to do this to her. 

I don’t know where to start since it was more than just 1 or 2 wounds. 

She flinched when I reached for her hand. 

When I looked at her like that, I did not know what to say so I told her not to worry. 

“Don’t worry. You don’t have to say anything yet because I will treat you.”

The noble lady took a step back as if she was falling. The 2 knights held her firmly in place and brought her closer to me. I put my hand on her shoulder, aiming for the biggest wound first.



I was surprised by the loud scream. Those that were watching were surprised too. The knights were also surprised, looking back and forth between the two of us. 

Like when I touched the prince’s wound, my face darkened as I touched her wound. I was not happy to touch the wound directly. It was horrible and disgusting.

She kept struggling so I poured my energy into it so I could finish quickly. The wounds began to heal and the lady who was screaming loudly, stopped crying and looked at me. 

The green eyes which were hard to see since they were swollen met mine. 

After the treatment was over, the knights let her go and she slumped down.

“Get up.”

The priests and people outside seemed to be wondering why I treated her. The people sent by the nobles caught my eyes. 

She staggered up from her seat with tears pouring out. 

“Do you want to live?” I asked quietly so only she could hear it. 

“Hu… Please save me…”

“You are asking me, the saintess, to save you?”

I held onto her but she avoided my eyes and whispered, “Please… my parents. My parents…”

I don’t know when it happened, but Duke Cassan and his carriage were at the temple gates.

I grabbed her arm and moved her gently towards Reneben. 

“Take her inside.”

She looked at me with widened eyes. Reneben took her with him as he placed his other hand on his stiff neck and watched the duke.

He glanced at my arm. I pretended to shift my shawl as if I was uncomfortable with it. 

Even after 2 weeks, a wound would naturally still be there but not even a scar was present. Since he wanted to see it, I moved my shawl to expose the area. The duke stiffened as a result. 

From now on, I have a lot of work to do. I heard and saw that the nobles’ morale had been dwindling. I thought the timing of the arrest was appropriate. 

Duke Cassan passed the people and headed towards me. 

“Saintess,” the duke raised his head slowly as he called me. I saw his sharp jawline come into view.

‘Why did he come?’

“Can you spare me a moment?” he asked me without a greeting first. 

Anyone related to the princess was welcomed. It would be even better if the princess also came. I have not been able to read my novels lately since I was busy these days. I was thirsty for a story.

“How much time?”

Well… in fact, I was not in a position to welcome anything related to Ronella right now. 

The chandelier culprit was the young noble lady, but there was probably someone else in charge. The princess was a possible suspect. There was also her brother Veron. I noticed him in the background as I was leaving the banquet hall with Reneben. 

“Thank you for accepting in spite of my sudden rudeness.”

I don’t know who the mastermind is, but the noble lady was too clumsy to be it. 

When the chandelier fell, I remembered the trembling feeling. At that time, all the attention was on me. So the noble lady, who showed abnormal behavior, was not noticed. She was still caught quickly.

“You’re welcome.”

I had nothing to say, so I looked at the duke’s clothes, wondering how I should greet him.

I noticed that his jacket was slacking like something melted. It looked like he had been dealing with a demon. It was rumored that his skills were outstanding, so it would not have been difficult for him to handle demons.

With a slightly urgent look on his face, I wondered what the duke wanted to talk about. I left the noisy crowd to the knights and stepped inside the temple with the duke.

Since I entrusted Reneben with the lady, she should be fine. Reneben has been living in the temple since he was a child. Even though he could be frustrating at times, he was still someone I can trust. 

Walking through the noisy hallway of the temple, I asked the duke, “Can I ask in advance what you are doing here?”

“I tell you when we reach the drawing room.”

I was curious… what’s the story?

I walked towards the stairs since the drawing room was on the second floor. 

“Oh, Duke.”

I hated the silence as the noise of footsteps was the only sound right now. I looked at him and decided to talk. 

“Do you often skip greetings?”

First of all, I wanted to properly greet him and thought that I should try to relax the atmosphere. 

Then Duke Cassan stopped and looked at me. I had climbed up a few steps already when I stopped too. With the height difference on the stairs, I was eye level with him. I always had to look up to look at him so seeing him face to face wasn’t too bad. I stared at the duke’s mixture of purple and red eyes. 

“May God bless you.”

“May God bless you.” I returned his greeting with courtesy.

The duke’s eyes were dangerously shining. 

We arrived at the drawing room, where I often go in and out these days. It was a little strange to have the duke sit in this room. 

As the maid was pouring the tea, he looked at me with eyes that he had something to ask of me. I lifted the cup as I thought about the unexpected look. 

“Saintess, I have a question to ask you.”

Whether it was a knight’s unique posture, or a regular habit, Duke Cassan ‘s posture was straight and disciplined.

“It’s fine to speak comfortably. May I ask what kind of question is it?”

He opened his mouth to speak unexpected words, “I heard that you ask His Majesty that the nobles should pay for the sins they committed.”

“You know.”

It was decided by a meeting just a few days ago.

He hesitated, “About the sins of our family…”

After listening to the duke, my eyelashes fluttered. He was not talking about his sins, but the sins of the previous duke. 

The former Duke Cassan was not as bad as he imagined. But like most nobles, he thought he was the best and caused harm to innocent people in the process. 

I thought about the document which listed the former Duke’s crimes and thought about it. 

“I know if it’s anything related to the former duke.”

The Duke Cassan in front of me was not a bad guy. Although he was a bit stiff and insensitive, the ducal estate has been growing since he inherited the title. Except for his tendency to hang onto the princess, he was a perfect person.

“I apologize on behalf of my father.”

“Duke, can I make a suggestion?” I pressed my lips together, which were moistened by the tea, and tucked my hair behind my ear. 

“Yes, it’s fine.” The Duke looked at me and urged me in silence. 

“It will soon be the day when God blesses the earth. Will you be my partner that day?”

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