ETL – Chapter 19

Why are you here talking to me like something is bothering you instead of playing with the princess?

 “Come to think of it …”


This was the second time I heard the sound of glass breaking today.  I turned my head to the side where the sound came from.

It seemed like the servants broke it while trying to place the glass jar in a safe place.

Among the broken glass, the egg shaped candies were shattered or rolled around the floor. 

“That… Your Highness, Saintess…”

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Quick announcement

Hi everybody, just wanted to do a quick update. My dog injured himself last week while trying to chase after a bunny. He basically ruptured his disc and had to undergo surgery. He’s doing fine now and prognosis is good.

That being said, the next few weeks I’m not going to be able to update as often. I have to spend time trying to help my dog heal. I have to help him with physical therapy exercises and also express his bladder until he regains strength in his hind legs. If all goes well, hopefully he’ll recover quickly.

I’ll try to post chapter 19 tomorrow.

Thanks everybody!

ETL – Chapter 18

She snapped her fingers and the broken vase became whole again. I watched the entire scene while holding my breath in amazement.

The vase was placed back onto the table and the princess sighed. I wondered if the princess was a wizard but I could not recall any information on it from my memories.

Her brother is also a wizard, so it was not a far fetched idea. This disparity in information made me feel strange. It was an unpleasant feeling. 

“It’s so unpleasant every time I come here.” 

I guess she thought the same thing as I did. I tried to listen and understand the situation. 

The princess said my name out loud, “Emilone.” 

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ETL – Chapter 17

It was a bit of a surprise, but there was plenty of time to get some candy and relax. I gathered my emotions, took a deep breath, and put my hands on my knees. 

“Jessie, please tell me the story.”

I did not fully trust her yet but it seemed like the person in front of me did not have the guts to do it.

Hearing my command, she moved her body like a robot again.

“But I won’t tolerate lies, Jessie Portra.”

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ETL – Chapter 16

I smiled and blinked at the servant holding the towel. 

Every time I walked around the pure white temple, my mind would be cleared. The scenery when you look outside the window symbolizes abundance. There were places of lush grass and trees full of fruits.

The white walls were unique to the temple. No other buildings had white painted exterior. It was the pride of the temple and also the color that represented them.

The importance of white can be explained by the hair color. Those with real powers had white hair. It was different from the white hair you get when you age.

“Of course, I’m an exception.”

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ETL – Chapter 15

If not the prince, then the duke would be helpful in the plan against the nobles.

‘Plus, he’s also one of the fishes.’

And I thought it was perfect that the duke felt the pressure from the sins of his father. 

“It’s alright, but…”

The taste of the tea from earlier continued to linger in my mouth. 

The reason why the duke came to see me was to reduce the damages from the demons.

I leaned back slightly on the sofa and stretched my legs out. I felt comfortable that I wanted to take a nap. Maybe I slept wrong since my neck felt stiff. I tilted my head a bit. I looked as comfortable as I could but not to the extent of disrespect. 

The hesitation disappeared from the duke’s face and he answered, “It will be an honor to be the partner of the saintess.”

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ETL – Chapter 14

I stared at Luanne’s retreating back. I did not know where to go so I went downstairs where the crowd was. It was not hard to find since many people were gathered there.

When I arrived, the crowd parted like the sea under the command of Moses. Priests dressed in white kneeled down. Everything seemed so excessive. 

“May God bless you.”

“May God bless you.”

Among the crowd of nobles, there was a lady with bright hair. As expected, the culprit was a cute faced young noble lady. 

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ETL – Chapter 13

Reneben shut his mouth like a clam. 

“She will be our reliable ally.” 

The princess’ words had power. She could change a lot with a few words. 

Reneben pressed his hands against his priest uniform, leaving wrinkles there.

“Well, this is what I have thought so far…”


“First, I would start with the orphanage and then with the tax issue. For the medical facility, we need someone with knowledge in that area. I have to speak with someone from the Academy.”

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