ETL – Chapter 12

So instead of focusing on ‘someone intentionally dropped the chandelier to harm the saintess…’

“When I was injured after the chandelier fell, was there anybody else besides you and a few servants who helped?”

Reneben took a breath. 

I kept talking, recalling the dangerous incident that just happened. So that it would not happen again, I want to make sure that the temple will not be ignored. 

“If the victim was the crown prince instead, how would the nobles react?”

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ETL – Chapter 11

“I will be sorry if I don’t say anything in this situation so I’ll only say one thing.”

As I rotated my wrist, my muscles were tense and painful. I slightly shook my head as a result.

“Do you find the saintess that amusing?”

Did they believe that the saintess is always nice, friendly, and just embraces her surroundings?

“If so, the temple may just have to stop dealing with the easier demons.”


“This doesn’t make sense!!”

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ETL – Chapter 10

This was the main story now so everything was fine. 

The princess was wearing a dress that was slightly out of fashion. When I saw Duke Cassan next to her, I held my breath. It was the same feeling that I had when I saw Reneben earlier. The duke was dressed neatly in his uniform and with his hair slicked back, making him look cooler than usual. 

I saw many young people swayed by the appearance of a young unmarried princess. She was making good use of her beautiful appearance. Both men and women were captivated by her beauty. Considering her true nature, this was not unusual. 

She has a cute face. I believed if she hardened her face and spoke in a cold voice, she would look like the twin of her brother Veron. 



Someone courageous enough was speaking to me. 

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ETL – Chapter 9

I touched the area where the wound was and was relieved. I wiped my face with a handkerchief when someone interrupted my refreshment time. 

He was a young servant of the temple named Melon. The pronunciation was the same as melon in korean so I remembered his name easily. There were a few hundred people at the temple but I memorized them all using tricks like that. 

I took the papers from him and passed him one of the cakes that were next to the muffins.

“Do you want to try some?”

“Ha, but…”

The child had mint colored hair which matched his name. He looked at the cake and hesitated but he eventually took it. 

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ETL – Chapter 8

“It’s only natural that I am in a carriage that belongs to the temple. Does that answer the question for you?”


“Then I’ll ask you a question this time. Who are you?”

The man looked over at the princess again. I was getting goosebumps. At the same time, the princess raised her head. 



I heard a rustling sound from behind me. She walked past me and pointed her finger at the man. Then she rubbed her eyes as if she couldn’t believe it. 

“Why here?”

I looked back and forth between the two and then I realized why the man looked familiar…

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ETL – Chapter 7

The prince looked at me without replying. Like Duke Cassan, he seemed to be angry for some reason. 

The princess stepped in front of the prince’s line of vision and tilted her head as if she was asking a question.

“Miss Emilone… is there a way to heal His Majesty with your powers without it being painful?”

She was looking at me as if I was not covered all over with demon blood. I almost felt offended by her strange urging tone. Still I wanted to help so I pretended not to notice anything. 

“If you do not mind the time it takes, I can heal it slowly without the pain. However if the Princess is willing, it can be a great help if you are there too.”

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ETL – Chapter 6

I approached it quietly but the tentacles of the demon knew the direction I was in and thumped right in front of my eyes. 

Crrrrrrr Crrrrrr

The sound of the demon’s teeth grinding echoed throughout the forest. 

As I observed the demon, I decided it might be too difficult to grab one of its tentacles. The demon was big but fortunately its tentacles did not extend far.

At that moment, the prince managed to wound the demon’s body. It seemed as if he had miscalculated the tentacles though. As he swung back, the demon grazed his teeth against the bloody prince. 

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ETL – Chapter 5

The princess was pretending to be in a close relationship with me in order to show off. 

A saintess was an admirable and praiseworthy position. As a result, I felt like I was the main character when I first came to this dimension.

However, this world’s protagonist was Princess Ronella. I acknowledged that instead and decided to watch as if it was a play.

The moment I picked up a hot cherry muffin and put some of it in my mouth was when I heard the screams.




I couldn’t tell where the screams came from. The smell of blood and commotion ensued.

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