ETL – Chapter 3

It only felt like a short time passed but when I woke up and saw the time, it was almost time for dinner. 

Even going through this several times, I was still not used to it. Listening to the Oracle only feels like a few minutes to me but in reality, several hours already passed.

I tried to get up but my sweaty body just wanted to stay in bed. 

“Should I just go to sleep…”

What should I do about this Oracle? It was a short message but a serious one. God only presents an Oracle but never a solution. Anything related to demons was handled by the temple anyway. 

I debated about informing the Imperial Palace about it but decided not to. Even if I tell my Oracle to the nobles at the Imperial Palace, their actions would only lead to innocent victims being harmed. I knew that would happen because I had already experienced it shortly after I became a saintess.

“I am still looking forward to the hunting competition.”

There is a saying, “If you can’t avoid it, enjoy it.”  If something could not be avoided anyway, I wanted to go about it in my own way.

It was not unreasonable that the prince or Reneben was surprised by my actions. They often told me that I was rash. I ignored them previously but now I’m thinking about it. 

“Should I go about this slowly?” 

I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to watch the main characters’ stories happening in front of my eyes, and it was clear that it would take some time to take the appropriate steps and get acquainted with them.

Earlier, when I was with Reneben, I thought of him as a poor fish playing in the princess’s fishing grounds. As a result, I felt a little bit of sympathy and patted his shoulder because of it. 

I rolled over the bed once. The bed was wide enough that you can roll over several times without falling off. It was not only spacious, but also felt soft and comfortable. I looked at the clock, and then I heard a knock. 

“Miss Emilone, it’s Reneben. I’m home.”

I thought it was a servant at first but it looks like Reneben is back.

Looking at the time, it was dinner time and I knew he was coming to eat together. I wanted to have dinner together so I can hear why the Princess wanted me.

I got up and straightened out my dress. Instead of answering, I went to the door and turned the handle.

When I came out wearing my comfortable clothes, Reneben looked at me in surprise. I forgot that in this world, the clothes I was wearing were considered too casual. 

However when in Rome, you must do what Romans do. But it’s not like I wanted to be in Rome or follow their customs, it can be a bit of a hassle.

I suppressed my feelings and told Reneben to wait a moment. I went back into my room and changed into my uniform. The priest uniform was one of the few outfits that can be worn without help. I tied my hair up quickly.

When I went outside, Reneben was standing there waiting for me. We walked and talked on our way to the dining area. We both dislike awkward silences but we weren’t super close so we made small talk.

I sat down for dinner with Reneben sitting across from me. He looked like he had something to say and raised his head slightly.


“Did you call me?”

“What’s going on?” I asked with a usual tone as if I knew nothing. “I was wondering why you went out today.”

Reneben’s expression stiffened for a moment, even the fork slowly went down. Then he opened his mouth as if nothing happened.

“The princess encouraged me, I mean you and I to participate in the hunting competition.”

“Oh, I thought it was a big deal because it seemed urgent but I’m glad it wasn’t.”

When I asked him to tell me more about what happened, his complexion changed. I imagined how the princess was playing with him. People thought the princess was a lovely, youthful, kind hearted person. That’s what I also thought until this morning.

It would have been a lie if I said I didn’t want to be the main character. I stepped aside when I saw the princess, how would I be able to beat her?

Then I learned it was all acting, I couldn’t forget her expression this morning.

“She must have been nervous because she never called for me before.”

What should I do about this fish in front of me. If I wanted to, I could snatch it but in reality I have no interest in taking other people’s fish.

I wonder which fish would be the last one in the pond.


I heard a knock on the door and a voice announcing that there was a visitor. I pushed the piled-up documents aside and pressed my fingers against my temple. 

When I was thinking about the uninvited guest, I opened my eyes wide knowing that it was the princess. I was bored, but now I have the princess as my source of entertainment. There was no reason not to welcome her.

I told the servant to escort her into the drawing room.

Reneben was in the room helping me. I turned to him and noticed that his face turned red and was restless. I was tempted to ask him if the girl was that wonderful that he was rendered frozen. Instead I told him to prepare himself. 

It was only then that Reneben seemed to have awakened from his senses and turned his eyes away from the door. 

At that moment, the door opened and a graceful woman walked through.

The princess, who seemed to have a brightness surrounding her, placed her hands in front of her and bowed forward. 

“God bless you,” she greeted. 

“It’s been a long time, how are you?”

Princess Ronella looked at me with a gentle smile, one that was hard to imitate. It was a smile that would melt the heart of a man, but not too frivolous or excessive. Her clear face was free from make-up but her thick red lips were definitely her charm point. There were rumors of a black haired girl with twinkling green eyes that would make you fall in love with her when you meet her eyes. 

Ronella sat across from me, she pushed around the cup of tea that Reneben prepared for her on the table. 

“I’m surprised to see you with no words.”

She lowered her eyes and picked up the cup of tea. She admitted her mistake first. 

“I came here to greet God and to talk with you, the Saintess. I’m sorry that I came without first notifying you in advance. I know you must be busy.”

I responded without being surprised to Ronella’s exaggerated tone, “Is this a private story? If so, Reneben should leave first.”

“No!” she exclaimed. 

Her bright face slightly darkened and she shook her head. She put her hands on her knees and looked up with her big eyes. 

I knew it was all acting so I wondered where this was going. 

“Well… it’s a long story to tell, I hope Reneben can be here too,” she said with watery eyes. 

Reneben was surprised and quickly offered her a handkerchief. 

“Thank you. There’s been a lot of terrifying events lately so I keep crying.” Her eyelashes were wet when she blinked. 

I had to admit that she was a beautiful woman, no one can quite compare to her. 

“You can tell us slowly. We don’t know if you don’t tell us,” Reneben said worriedly. He held her hands and met her eyes with a friendly face.

Ronella took a deep breath and started talking with slight hiccups. Her acting was so perfect that I wondered if she had split personalities instead.

“Some time ago somebody had started threatening me.”

I saw Reneben clenching his fist and his face was unsteady. 

I pretended to be worried, I asked in a voice full of surprise, “Did you tell the duke? Who dares to threaten a princess of the Empire?”

Ronella let out a burst of cries.

“I feel like someone is following me around. Not long ago… hic… I went to Lady Sironde’s tea party… hic… and all my escort knights were found dead.”

She continued crying for a bit. Bottom line, someone was after the princess.

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  1. ASH says:

    She’s so fake that idk what to believe. Thank you so much for translating this! I love theft already,looking forward to more.

  2. vayabe says:

    Huh, you’d think the death of several escort knights guarding a high-ranking lady would be hard to keep secret… Tangling with this girl seems dangerous, but I guess Emilione knows what she’s doing? I have to admit, I’m currently more interested in the demon from the oracle than in watching Ronella set up her little play, but let’s see where both these things go.

    Thank you for the translations.

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