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ETL – Chapter 4

Her current image of tears contradicted the image I saw of her a couple days ago, smiling with the marquis. Either way, the princess said that someone was following her and I was getting a funny feeling. It’s the same feeling you get when you lose something or when you wake up in a different room after falling asleep.

It could have been the truth or it could have been a lie. In the end, I have to help in this situation. I just have to proceed believing that there were both truths and lies.

“My room is always closely watched. My father was being cautious for some reason, but this still happened…”

“Princess, please calm down,” Reneben said worriedly and began to soothe her.

It was hard to get a good read on the situation as the princess was covering her crying face with her hands. It was also strange that the princess showed up when I received the Oracle about a demon. Even though I had my doubts, she might actually be in trouble. 

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ETL – Chapter 3

It only felt like a short time passed but when I woke up and saw the time, it was almost time for dinner. 

Even going through this several times, I was still not used to it. Listening to the Oracle only feels like a few minutes to me but in reality, several hours already passed.

I tried to get up but my sweaty body just wanted to stay in bed. 

“Should I just go to sleep…”

What should I do about this Oracle? It was a short message but a serious one. God only presents an Oracle but never a solution. Anything related to demons was handled by the temple anyway. 

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ETL – Chapter 2

“You know that the hunting competition is coming up, right?” the prince asked.

“Of course,” I replied. Because of the hunting competition, the temple had been undergoing preparations for it. Priests were needed for their healing powers in case of emergencies.

“Nella needs your help for the reception afterwards.”

Nella was the nickname of Princess Ronella Nestro.

I thought about why I needed to help the princess but I couldn’t think of any reason. Even if I don’t know what it is, it would not unusual for me to help.

“I know that you don’t usually attend parties but I would like you to attend this reception,” he continued.

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Rudbeckia Reads Presents…

Emilone’s Temptation Labyrinth

에밀로네의 유혹 미궁 by Idera


I was a popular actress before I came into this world and became Emilone, a Saintess. I was given the nickname “lady who moved dimension.” 

Even so, I did not receive any special attention. All attention was on Princess Ronella Nestro.  

As a result, I decided to devote my life as a Saintess.

One day, I accidently discovered the Princess’ secret. The Princess’ innocent and good nature facade was all an act!

“This might be interesting.”

I may be able to break up my boring routine if I get closer to Princess Ronella. 

I decided to make a dangerous decision for fun.


I started reading this novel when I saw the manhwa and found it interesting. I figured I can spread the joy. I make no money off of doing this, it’s all for fun. All contents belong to the author.

I’m still a beginner, there might be parts that I gloss over if I can’t understand it but I will make every effort I can to keep it intact.

I will most likely post once a week, maybe twice if we’re lucky. I have a full time job plus kids so I’m doing this on my free time.

Please don’t reupload this anywhere.


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ETL – Chapter 1

I was 24 years old when I arrived in the Wesleyan Empire. It’s a well known land. In fact, it’s actually a well known land of a novel. It’s hard to imagine that magical things can happen.

When I woke up after being hit by a car, it was a new world to me, one that I’ve never seen before.

The migration to this dimension was calm. I woke up laying on my back, feeling the muddy ground underneath me. When I opened my eyes, a clear sunny sky greeted me. The smell of the grass was strong. I hear the voices of people around, intermixed with the musical chirping of the birds.

It felt like I was dreaming at the time. My body was heavy and cold, my vision was blurry. I decided I had to get up first. 

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